Norgine Pty Limited

At Norgine we are dedicated to developing, manufacturing and marketing innovative products that deliver value and improve patients’ lives. This is at the heart of our responsibility to patients, healthcare systems and society.

We are committed to professional practice and embrace ethical conduct and transparency in all of our activities. This means striving to achieve superior performance in all areas of our business and relationships. Norgine is committed to providing consumers and healthcare professionals support for our products.

Norgine markets products designed to optimise bowel cleanliness and improve the detection of adenomas during colonoscopy: NEW - PLENVU® is a 1 litre macrogol-based bowel preparation, offering patients low total volume to consume but with the same efficacy and safety of a higher volume macrogol-based bowel preparation.1 PLENVU® offers variety for patients with each dose being a different flavour1 (Mango and Fruit Punch).

MOVIPREP® is a 2 litre macrogol-based bowel preparation that provides efficacy and safety with patient acceptability.2

ENDOCUFF VISION® is a clinically trialled device fitted to colonoscopes, which improves ADR via improved visibility and tip control during colonoscopy.3

XIFAXAN® 550 mg indicated for prevention of the recurrence of hepatic encephalopathy where other treatments have failed or are contraindicated.4

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